Kyle Bray is an electrical and computer science engineer from Columbus, Ohio who currently lives and works in Beijing. Kyle is experienced in engineering processes and quality assurance, specifically in leading agile software teams to develop great products. In an example of the serendipitous nature of the universe, Kyle and Mark met in Beijing. Kyle brings technical expertise, grit and determination to the Kulture Athletics team. He is also a triathlete. Which Mark is not. But Mark makes better coffee, so he gets to stay.

Kyle Bray

CTO - Founder

Mark Rydon

CEO - Founder

Mark Rydon is a designer and engineer from Sydney, Australia who currently lives and works in Beijing. He has worked with many of the largest engineering and project management companies, building some of the worlds biggest and most exciting projects. He left that world behind to chase a spark. That spark grew into a dream, that became a plan, that now exists as Kulture Athletics.


(Yes, we are jumping...)