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It's Time To Make Your Reflection Accountable

Your Reflection:

Raise your hand if you look in the mirror after every workout.

I know you do - we all do it. We can't help ourselves! It's the human condition to expect instant gratification. We want immediate results, and we look for them in our reflection.

You, looking in the mirror: "Do I look and feel better this week compared to last week?"

When you think about it, it can't be easy for your brain to answer that question. There has to be hundreds of factors, many psychological, and many that aren't even related to your physical fitness, that influence how you feel about your reflection. I'll tell you right now, a "bad hair day" is a real thing. Sometimes one small negativity, maybe its your hair this time, or something your filterless grandma said, impacts your overall judgement of your reflection - it briefly contaminates your self image. Yet this happens to us daily - we allow it to happen to us daily.

Why? Because we are ignoring the data the mirror is giving us.

Managing your reflection:

I know what you're thinking. "I don't ignore the data! I track so many fitness metrics that every time I check my phone I feel like a supercomputer".

But wait - what if I told you that all of these data points were just tracking things that should indicate changes in your body shape? And that nothing you are tracking right now, actually helps your brain formulate an answer to that difficult question: "Do I look better this week compared to last week?" Calories - nope. Steps - nope. Heart rate - nope. Body-fat/BMI - nope.

It is 2018! Hover-board's are over a year behind schedule and I am questioning their possibility entirely, somehow I like the Backstreet Boys again and Elon Musk is going to take us all to Mars in self-driving, electric rockets that we pay for using #Muskcoin (or something like that) - The future is now, and it's about time I didn't have to use a tape measure to understand if yesterdays nachos have had an impact!

You want to know why we invented KULTURE ATHLETICS? This is (partly) why. Which leads us to...

What's the solution?

Wear our activewear leggings.

They are made from the best and most comfortable materials. Designed by some of the sharpest eyes in fashion. Ohh, and we have designed one of a kind, tiny little sensors into our leggings that give you a readout of your actual body shape measurements. You think those squats are paying off? Shut-up grandma! My App says they are!

Body image and confidence is driven by a lot of things, and we can't control everything. What we can do, is start to use body shape data to help us manage how we interpret our reflection. We think it's time to make your reflection more accountable.

Want to know more?

Stay tuned for our next post - We promise there will be some juicy, low-carb details on our product.

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