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The world's first smart activewear, designed for a healthier, more connected fitness experience.



better data

Before, almost all of the fitness data your body generated was unseen, untracked, and unutilised.

Not any moreWe capture biometric data from the source: your muscles, your shape, your movement... just to name a few. This data is your key to unlocking the most effective and efficient fitness decisions possible.


every workout

is different

With our smart activewear, it doesn't matter what you do, or where you do it. Our sensors record at a muscular activation level, so you know exactly how hard you worked, and where that work happened. 

Try anything. Compare it. Share it.

Make smarter choices.


Sensor locations 

(Sensors are duplicated on each individual leg)

"The Brain" - Processing unit

  • Heart rate sensor

  • Movement sensor

the gear

Our Smart Activewear records more data than you can imagine. Whether you're a pro, or just getting started, you'll find the data you need. Users only need to check our app to see their workout data. We share metrics that are impossible to gather with just an App, watch or wristband.

Body Shape. Muscle Growth. Muscle Size. Muscle Fitness. Power. Strain. Heart Rate. Balance. More...


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Kulture Athletics is there for every workout.

So your PT doesn't have to be.

Try anything. Compare it. Share it.

Make smarter choices.